The Fulcrum

A good thing can turn into a bad thing so easily, and upon the smallest event. Companies and customers partner across the kitchen table of promises. And companies and customers fall in and out of love with each when the clarity of responsibility becomes the cloud of recrimination that comes with poor delivery. SGO celebrates the clarity of this belief. And in this burning light we can see that SGO is a fulcrum, holding a seesaw in balance. This is the seesaw of promise and delivery. Our promise is in our passion for what we believe we bring to our customer, in the beauty of our product. Our delivery is in our commitment to honor our customer, in our service to them, as we honor ourselves, and our own family.We are a company who always keeps its eyes on this seesaw, this balance.We hold up this fulcrum that is the company of SGO, and calibrate this balance everyday, everywhere, and everyone. SGO will always hold this cauldron of light up to itself for everyone to see. Can you see it?to see our product, click here