Color Symphony

As we listen to the beat and pulse of life we hear the parts to its song. There is its rhythm as it beats out the very underscoring of breathing. In and out; in and out. And there is the melody that gives us the words, the verses and chorus that describes to ourselves, and others, who we are. Together they make the song that is us. At SGO we have always scored our work and our process in terms of rhythm and melody. Our rhythm is our immutable standards for quality and precision, patience and service, listening and mirroring. Our melody is our embrace for our customers; their stories, their individuality, their moment to give voice to their own song.We tell our story to them in color. Beautiful and holy colors placed side-by-side that make a pattern, a jigsaw, of a dream to touch with eyes. And between the colors, between the shapes, are thresholds boundaries that keep the whole thing whole, and give it shape and structure. SGO are songwriters in color.We compose songs about what our customers wish to remember, honor, treasure, love and look at. And when they look at our work, they remember a tune that will take them to a place that makes everything seem just a little more beautiful. SGO conduct a symphony of smiles. to see our product, click here