Look at the world. It is a place of constant movement. Up and down. Side to side. Round and round we all go, swirling through our lives, rushing through our days and months and years. Yet let us also stop and count our blessings. Let us also take stock of the people, the places, the things, the feelings, the dreams and the ideas that make us smile. Let this smile warm our hearts, and connect it to the soul in all of us that so rarely has the chance to burst into song. At SGO our product has eyes.We see it and it sees us. It watches our lives in our homes, our offices, our churches. It sees us, silently, as we really are. And we see it and remember good days, wonderful memories and treasured thoughts. And we say to our customers, "Come and see us. See our passion for what we do; see our process, for it is of the artisan and artist; see our people because they will serve you beautifully." See SGO. See. to see our product, click here